New Terrorists - what differentiates them?

What is the “New Terrorist”?

At Whitmarsh Research Group (WRG) in our R&D, we continually consider possibilities of security breaches that can be made with Drone Technology and other emerging technologies. We’ve been committed since 2003 to this line of development, inspired by 9/11 Commission Report, especially from a key statement in the report. The 9/11 Commission made it clear to us that the inability to imagine or envision terrorists using airliners as hijacked missiles left us defenseless against this attack. WRG “Visioneers,” created by Peter and Shana Whitmarsh, are dedicated researchers that are able to envision the different scenarios that can occur from terrorist use of an electronic device that can be purchased in a retail store, or UAV or UAS as a crossover to become a weaponized unit. The Envisioneers study the crossover from its non-terrorist format into a weaponized destructive element. Our Visioneers go beyond the analytical research into the reality of creating a usable effective countermeasure to defend from Weaponized or rogue Drone attacks and other types of electronically manipulated intrusions, which can evolve from crossover weaponized systems.

Every week WRG will discuss the Clear and Present Dangers from crossover harmless Devices to weaponized systems. Our intent is to create dialogue and discussion. We have written two prior discussions, The New Terrorist and The New Terrorist- ISIS Ready to Attack America… to start the Weekly series and to promote WRG Anti-Terrorist Defense System. For fourteen years, Peter Whitmarsh has researched and observed how easy it is for terrorists to manipulate UAV and UAS and other technologies. He has noted that it is within the ability of ISIS to continuously use abandoned or confiscated sophisticated military equipment efficiently and implement it into their battle plan causing catastrophic damage, even to the point of being able to deliver chemical weapons to populated areas with children.

The media has noted how terrorists can manipulate game programs and devices, converting their encrypted communications functions to broadcast and coordinating their attacks and activation of explosives. Underestimation of the “New Terrorists” will increase the probability that there will be greater body counts in a single attack, numbering in the thousands. They have a “Consciousness:” an understanding of how to manipulate computer programs, social media, smartphones, and electronically acquire armaments – and an active and growing network. This is the “New Terrorist,” this not the terrorist of Bin Laden of 9/11, this is not “Terrorist 2.0.” The New Terrorist is a new operating system, this is a technologically enhanced terrorist. The “New Terrorist” can be of any nationality and have citizenship by birth or naturalization of any country. They can be any color and race. They have no discretion in their attacks. It’s more probable for a “New Terrorist” to attack with a weaponized drone or smart device in 2016.

The Visioneers, in their development of the Drone Defense System, used a research method they call “Applied Anthro-Techno-Terror.” It is the study of individuals, societies, and cultural motivations to create catastrophic destructive devices by using crossover technologies and manipulating them to perform in a catastrophic manner, utilizing schooled technological knowledge from the Internet or a school; the ability to understand how to convert or rebuild crossover technologies as to weaponized electronic devices – especially UAV and UAS, and how new crossover technologies become weaponized applications to evolve their cause, status, extremism, or movement.

In turn, the Visioneers take certain indicators and motives from studying the New Terrorists’ needs to manipulate a crossover device for a sneak and shock bubble attack, where they can perform their attack from a distance without being detected or found, create catastrophic damage, and from a distance create multiple attacks from a 1 mile out, 5 miles out, or even 10 miles out without the attack being detected. Our ability to use the Applied Anthro-Techno-Terror (AATT) research as part of our many processes enables us to find and create workable solutions to defend against weaponized crossover devices. Our robust development in creating workable countermeasures as a defensive application that can be applied from general to specific in a robust defense system.