Terrorist Drone Use Is A Credible Threat

It took thirteen years of diligence and countless late nights of research and development in stealth mode to create our Drone Defense System™.  Our research was driven by the events of 9/11 and reinforced again in 2004 when the 9/11 Commission released its report, with its deduction that our government’s inability to IMAGINE the use of aircraft as guided missiles prevented us from protecting and defending ourselves against that type of attack. The catastrophic and horrific events of 9/11 led to the death of 2,966 people, and a war that since 2003 has a death toll of half a million people and it has also led to the evolution of terrorist drone use, including the news of Hezbollah controlling Israeli drones and bringing them down. All of this has driven us to create the Drone Defense System™ (DDS™) whose entire purpose is to save lives.

After completing the research and while getting ready to bring (DDS™) to market, have been careful with the information that we have known and felt that we could not disclose about terrorist drone use. On July 9, 2016 Defense News posted, “Pentagon Asks For More Money to Counter ISIS Drones.” The news item (see link below) has not only vetted us but created two situations. The first is that the clock has now sped up: there’s a race to implement a defense system before an attack occurs without any defenses in place. Secondly, our final development time has been shortened for creating the simulation DDS prototype and the working physical prototype of the core base of the Drone Defense System™.  Although the confusing term “Counter-Unmanned Aerial Systems” is sporadically used to label a solution for countering rogue or terrorist drones, it’s not really a very accurate way to describe it for lay-people because counter-measures are just one part of a larger system that’s sorely needed to manage unmanned systems in our national airspace, whether large or small, authorized or unauthorized.

Most “Counter-UAS” systems require human operation and they only work within short distances of about one football field away, almost when the drones are right over their target and unloading their catastrophic payload before a counter-measure can be implemented. That’s not enough time and space to have a safe resolution when other factors like speed and weaponized payloads are taken into consideration. Most counter-measure-only solutions with such short-distance ranges are not sufficient to protect the safety of people and property or infrastructures.

Our Drone Defense System™ will not require human operation or intervention. Its artificial intelligence will regulate and manage airspaces, activating controls and countermeasures at take-off, one-mile, five-mile, and ten-mile ranges, creating and expanding an invisible Defense Boundary. At WRG, we have been researching, developing, writing articles and defining the different nature of attacks from Rogue/Terrorist drones. Through our research, we have been defining the emergence and expansion of the Domestic and International “New Terrorists” like ISIS that use, manipulate, and adapt (“mash-up” or “mix together” – otherwise known as “MacGyvering”) technologies to enhance High Impact kill zones inexpensively.  No one has imagined the extensive detail necessary in an air traffic management and defense system to prevent the “New Terrorists’” ability to fly weaponized or non-weaponized drones into public venues, theme parks, aircraft and airports, military bases, and other areas considered to be valuable targets.

Where would these “New Terrorists” use drones, especially the small drones (sUAS) that are classified as being under 55 pounds? The primary objective of the “New Terrorists'” is to create chaos, mayhem, and catastrophic death as quickly and cheaply as possible without detection or capture by flying weaponized drones with deadly payloads into aircraft or crowded areas. Their second objective is reconnaissance and information-gathering – they would fly over restricted airspaces undetected. Their third objective is to hack corporations, security firms, technology firms, power plants and any other assets that will give them a technology advantage and control. The fourth use of a rogue or terrorist-weaponized drone is as a sniper or an assassin drone or swarm of drones.

Our Drone Defense System™ is a complete technology suite for the management of drones in our national airspace to answer current and future terrorist and rogue drone threats while preserving our freedoms and public safety.  Its core is being built to defend against all types of terrorist acts with deep learning and an AI system to anticipate variations and different scenarios for future attacks. Our Drone Defense System™ will save lives with tomorrow’s technology being developed for today.  It can track, trace, identify, authorize and de-authorize drones flying in defined airspaces from distances as far as ten miles. It has several countermeasures that can be programmed for specific applications and it can be integrated to work with existing systems. The WRG Drone Defense System’s™ suite of technologies is being developed for Military/Defense, Enterprise, Commercial, and Consumer use in Land-to-Air, Air-to-Air, and Sea-to-Air environments. This is for all communities. We welcome you support in helping in our mission to save lives with our Drone Defense System™ to keep America’s Airspace Safe.

Article Link – Defense News July 9, 2016: Pentagon Asks For More Money To Counter ISIS Drones

If you would like more information about the Drone Defense System™, please contact Whitmarsh Research Group at dds@whitmarshresearchgroup.com.

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