A History of Building A Better Tomorrow

Peter and Shana's Timeline
  1. It Started With
    The Set-Top Box

    Spring, 1993

    Peter develops set-top box architecture while studying for his Bachelor's Degree UC Berkeley, six years before TiVo and other set-top box technologies were introduced in the U.S.

  2. The Cultural Anthropologist


    Peter published two major research papers, "Hominid Perpetual Fluctuation with Multiform Constants" TXU000633568, 1994-05-31 charted constants in cranial capacity in the evolution of hominids. "The Impact of the Development of the Electronic Information Superhighway" TXU000665319 / 1994-12-27, which illustrated the effects of the internet on different social classes.

  3. The Beginnings of Techno-Anthropology


    Peter presents the Theory of Technoequalization while studying for his Master's Degree at University of South Florida. This presentation is part of Peter's ongoing research in technology and anthropology, which Peter refers to "Techno Anthropology," the study of how people use technology to make technology more useful.

  4. A New Renaissance


    Peter creates the DaVinci program at University of South Florida to enable students in different academic disciplines to work together to create new technologies.

  5. The Birth of Alpha Future Integrating Systems


    Peter starts AFIS to make computers smaller and more affordable and to make social media available to the public.

  6. Peter Develops USF Online Learning System


    Peter creates the first GUI-based secure, encrypted online distance learning system for the University of South Florida.

  7. Shana Predicts Major Healthy Fast Food Trend


    Before graduating The Advertising Arts College with a Bachelors Degree in Advertising, Shana presents her "Building Better Burgers" advertising campaign to Burger King as her final project, introducing a previously unheard-of new healthy fast food concept that included veggie, falafel and turkey burgers. Her project included demographic and psychographic data that supporter her prediction that healthy fast food would become a major trend for Burger King's 18-25 target market and that by including healthy choices, in addition to traditional menu options they would expand reach and profits. The ad campaign earned an Award of Excellence from the San Diego Advertising Club. In 2000, Burger King introduces a veggie burger called the "BK Veggie."

  8. The Beginnings of AT&T WorldNet®


    At AFIS, Peter developed the working model for AT&T WorldNet® Internet access under the Creative Alliance Program, which they bundled with their phone plans. WorldNet®) to become a profitable ISP for AT&T, which was part of the "You Will" program.

  9. The First Affordable Laptop


    Peter's company AFIS introduced the first sub-$1,000.00 laptop known as the "Egg Head," a micro-computer using the ZEOS model with the first 32-bit format. AFIS' desktop model was called the "AFIS-V," a hyper-386x with a trim OEM operating system called "Waterfall." AFIS also developed the very first screen savers for PCs and bundled them for free with Netscape Navigator.

  10. AFIS is Acquired


    AFIS is acquired by Lucent which was part of AT&T. The AFIS laptop becomes AT&T's popular Safari Laptop. AT&T streamlined the desktop model, calling its enhanced OEM operating system, "Cascade" which garnered acclaim in several computer magazines for its performance.

  11. Remember BoxLot?


    Peter develops one of the first online auction systems, which was used by BoxLot, a company that competed against eBay and was acquired by them.

  12. A New Beginning


    Peter and Shana meet and start working together.

  13. Making "You Will" Happen


    Rawswell is founded by Peter and Shana to research, develop and bring to market new technological models for deploying on-the-fly electronic publishing, streaming video delivery from electronic publishers to subscribers, enabling Splash 1.0 and Flash 2.0 animations, and interfacing Macromedia Generator with EDI, inspired by the Lucent Model and the catch phrase, "You Will..."

  14. WRG's Beginnings


    Peter and Shana's R&D for energy systems, defense and life-saving systems and technologies that are now part of Whitmarsh Research Group.

  15. Peter's Mobile Phone Prediction


    Rawswell's Interactive PDA sports marketing project accelerated smart phone GUI and firmware development industry-wide for touch-screen interactivity and animation and later, apps. In closed meetings with Symbol, NEC, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Casio and other key companies, Peter told key executives that personal digital assistants ("PDAs") would soon be obsolete, being replaced by mobile phones that would have touch-enabled color screens for viewing of interactive media and video.

  16. Automated Online Newspaper


    Rawswell, as a start-up, closed a $250,000.00 contract to develop a complete online Newspaper automation and content management system integrating Generator and Whitmarsh Media Publishing Algorithms with Quark XPress. This system, built for The Martha's Vineyard Times, was the first automated weekly newspaper content management system with on-the-fly publishing, enabling it to simultaneously post, update and index searchable content online.

  17. First NENPA Award


    Rawswell wins an award from the New England Newspaper Publishers Association (NENPA) for "Best Online Weekly Newspaper Website."

  18. Second NENPA Award


    Rawswell again wins an award from the New England Newspaper Publishers Association (NENPA) for "Best Online Weekly Newspaper Website."

  19. Rawswell Sold


    Rawswell and its streaming technologies were sold to Stickam.

  20. She Rips Launches


    2003 - Peter and Shana launch She Rips Digital Magazine, the first online video magazine for women's surfing, also the first to make clear high-quality streaming video available regardless of internet connection speed and the first online video magazine to effectively merge TV, radio and print for a complete viewing experience with unobtrusive interactive advertising. She Rips was the first online social network for women surfers, allowing real-time interactions that included the ability to post video-selfies and do live reporting. Peter and Shana created an algorithm that allowed slow phone connections and broadband connections to view lossless video in their respective connections. The processed video was automated and regulated by a server side application. Read more in an article about our technology dated June 30, 2003.

  21. Early RC Aerial Videography


    Peter and Shana's early experiments at She Rips with RC Helicopter videography and streaming video for surf contests.

  22. She Rips Technologies Sold


    Some of She Rips' streaming video technologies are acquired by an action sports company.

  23. WMG is Born


    Whitmarsh Media Group founded to produce and incubate software, technologies and entertainment properties and content, to present media in exciting new ways.

  24. eCommerce and Streaming Video R&D


    Shana and Peter's eCommerce software, streaming video and technology R&D for technologies that are now part of Chromacor.

  25. eCommerce and Flash


    Shana and Peter develop animated Flash websites and content modules that are seamlessly integrated with eCommerce stores.

  26. Video eCommerce


    Peter and Shana develop and implement technologies for video eCommerce on clients' e-commerce stores.

  27. Live RC Helicopter Streaming Video


    Peter and Shana stream live aerial video to the Internet via Satellite, relayed from an RC helicopter flying over a skateboard contest.

  28. RF Jamming and Signature Value


    Peter and Shana develop algorithms to prevent RF jamming and discover signature value of RC vehicles.

  29. Networks and Signature Values


    Peter and Shana conduct testing for Local and Wide Area Network identification, deterrent and countermeasure using RC helicopter signature values.

  30. Return To Sender Begins


    Peter and Shana define and create additional network protection algorithms; the beginning of the "Return To Sender" (RTS) Project.

  31. Smartphone Prediction Comes True


    The first touch-enabled high resolution smartphones are introduced with color screens that enable viewing of Flash and streaming video content, ten years after Peter and Shana met with key companies to discuss their PDA marketing project.

  32. What Is Data-Terrorism?


    Peter thwarted an attempt by a hacker to steal our algorithms, which included part of the nascent Drone Defense System. We were blackmailed by the hacker to give them the code or they would post lies about us on the Internet. We didn't give in and they posted their lies. Thankfully, life goes on and the cream rises to the top.

  33. Adding Definitions and Signature Values


    Additional network types, aerial and non-aerial signature values are added to the network protection, deterrent and countermeasure algorithms.

  34. DDS Testing


    Testing of network protection and drone detection, deterrents and countermeasures. Small under-55 Lb. drone sales start making an impact in the U.S. while the FAA and legislators scramble to regulate consumer use while making it almost impossible for legal commercial use.

  35. Positive Results for DDS


    Drone Defense System project results are positive in capturing and countermeasuring signature values of aerial and non-aerial devices.

  36. Drones Become News


    Small drone use gains more media attention for privacy issues, accidents, illegal use for burglaries and drugs and legislative red tape.

  37. Drone Defense System and RTS


    Completion of first phase of the Drone Defense System with Return To Sender (RTS). Entering second phase of development.

  38. WRG Formally Established


    Whitmarsh Research Group formally established to bring multiple patent-pending Anti-Rogue Drone Defense System and technologies to market for enterprise, commercial and residential use.

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Imagining A Better Future

Whitmarsh Research Group (WRG) is an avant-garde, twenty-first-century research and development LLC. Areas of focus include Aviated Vehicle Safety Systems, Systems that Save Lives, Defense Systems, Batteryless Energy Systems, Energy Harvesting, IoT Integrated Systems and Applications for New and Emerging Technologies for use in current and future real-world situations. Our fields of expertise include development of technologies and business models addressing Aviated Vehicles and creation of safety measures that save lives. Our Creative Developmental Technologies and Applied Development processes utilize many emerging technologies to create pathways to the money line for Small Business Startups and companies being incubated.

Founders and Partners

Peter PD “Papo” Whitmarsh

Peter PD “Papo” Whitmarsh

Co-Founder, Co-Chairman, Technology Director and Inventor

Responsible for creating WRG’s Technology Roadmap, including system architecture, manufacturing, testing and production.

Inventor of complete systems and processes:
• The first Sub-$1,000.00 laptop and created the AT&T WorldNet® Internet Network, sold company to AT&T
• Invented Technologies: Set-Top Box, Search Engines, Internet Streaming Video, Automated Online Publishing Systems
• Accelerated smartphone GUI and firmware development industry-wide for touch-screen interactivity, animation and apps

Shana Whitmarsh

Shana Whitmarsh

Co-Chairman of the Board, Co-Founder, Inventor

Co-invents, defines, streamlines and productizes inventions and technologies.

• .Deconstructing complex problems, imagining and re-imagining methods, processes and use case scenarios to improve safety and quality of life
• Technical design, development, product design, branding, marketing
• E-Commerce, interface and user experience programming and design

Invented online advertising systems and unobtrusive interactive advertising modules
Designed and developed interfaces for the first automated online newspaper and the first interactive online video magazine for women's surfing.